An emergence and convergence of media.


 Web, the Internet, a web of information...

Tne Internet is one thing; and, the Web is another. People use both of these terms interchangeably, but they are as night is to day, or vice versa. One needs the other to be. The other needs the other to be usefully whole, so to speak.

The Internet according to industry sources is essentially a "global information system..."

The clearest and most precise definition so far to date was found and attributed to, from all human-handledly1 searched sources by MediaHeadsto be posted on an Internet website entitled "computer history dot org". Pretty clearly stated and explained.

[1] a non-automated process conducted by a person

The World Wide Web's timeline began with thought in July of 1945. 
Its beginnings were first written about as a concept.

The Web, or the Internet and the online 'e' and 'i' name experiences available through New Media manifestations, augmenting existing Old Media radio, music and TV media mediums. 

"Web" Unabridged (v.1.1). random House, Inc. 09 Feb. 2009. ( random House a network of interlinked stations, services, communications, etc., covering a region or country... (usually initials in capital letters WWW, i.e. the World Wide Web.)

Wikipedia defines and describes the Web as...

"The World Wide Web, abbreviated as "www" and W3 and... is a system of interlinked hypertext documents contained on the Internet."

One, who was the originator? There may be many people who may be considered as founding the Internet or Web, but the name Vint Cerf surfaces more than others for many reasons. Sometimes it is heard Al Gore founded the Internet. No one person can claim that, but what is true is Al Gore diligently supported the precurser of the Internet, known as ARPANET. Gore provided his backing from the 1980's before most people knew of such technology. ARPANET actually started in 1968. Al gore's support can be termed foundational at the very least.

Two, when was it first used? Actual experimentation and development got traction through the efforts of Robert "Bob" Taylor, not the actor, in the 1950's at perhaps the first true software company named the System Development Corporation.

Three, where was it started? SDC was based in Santa Monica, California. 

Here is another relevant 'link' that may be a perfect starter... at least as far as "the opening for public use" that is... check out the timeline at the Internet Society, which is the offical source of information regarding the 'Web' or Internet. 

For a slightly more detailed view into the beginnings of the Internet the page at the Internet Society is "Brief History of the Internet"

An important distinction for Web programmers and any upcoming Internet adventurer is in knowing the difference between a 'frame' and a 'frameset'. Simple enough, but keeping these two destictions clear can eliminate the fog if this is the area of your presearch focus.

There are many more starting points for the Web, some in literature, some in concept in various computer labs and in the minds of people. All are relavant, though some more compelling than others.

MediaHeads suggests using the human-handedly prepared presearch sources available here on this page. Updates occur as newer or more precise information is available. 

If this is an interest area to you MediaHeads suggests checking back from time to time.

MediaHeads "Must See" Internet and Web focused software used in building and optimizing global websites...

SourceForge-dot-net - A true global force, forging and melding different sources in one diverse portal of applications and information.

PearlSoftware - Here's looking at you in the digital era of no privacy. Monitoring software for business, government, schools and where ever else a watchful eye is deemed necessary... see the tools.

NGINXRussian software is running 15% of the Internet? Yes, you betcha! This entity and their products are fast movers.

ZenDesk - The customer service software to help with what really runs the Internet, forward facing customer toolsets managing the customer's ultimate experience... all in your control.
The Java Tutorials - Larry Ellison's Oracle service notes on how it works, at least with his products.

Google App Engine - Enable development, scale automatically and rely on Google... if relying on any entity in the Digital Age is possible, given the infinite variables of our brave new world. Even Aldous Huxley would have repounder some of his viewpoint possibly.
Capterra - A completely free software resource for software buyers and one of the most comprehensive ones we can find at present.

Windows Azure - A useful and effective entity that makes development and testing faster with access through MSDN - on premises or on the cloud.

Rimini Street - Support for the biggest enterprise providers like Siebel, PeopleSoft, Jd Edwards, Oracle EBS, Oracle Database, SAP plus others... resources galore.

Parellels - A global leader in hosting and cloud services enabling cross-platform solutions to utilize Mac and PC's together plus all the necessary gadgets from Mac and PC manufacturers and producers.


  Search Engines with a look into the art and science behind the knowledge economy's powerful resources. Communicate better Internetically to gain better quality information

Search Engine Watch - A serious resource in the vast area developing as a byproduct of search science.

UC Berkeley Library - The search engines recomended by statndard academic institutions own library system.

+ UC Berkeley's glossary of Internet & Web terms  - An academic standard because it just 'is'. Being understood 'Internetically'2 is critical in any venue, but being understood on the Internet is becoming vital to survival.

[2] a term first coined on a Los Angeles radio weekly broadcast by one of our first   MediaHeads in 1999

Stanford University IT Services - Another 'mainstay' of Internet Web assets with a public information focus. Surely the Intranet at Stanford holds some real treasures.

+ A look into the Symbiosis of Internet Portals and Web Search - An article with one of the millenium's top talents looking back to drive forward; if that makes sense.

Slang a la Internet [English] - An awesome resource for specific teminology with its specific and brief meaning.

+ English Internet Glossary - By jove perhaps they have it now. Take a look at another equally useful glossary from the the UK.

+ Yahoo Labs - Collaborate vision with proprietary branding in mind.

+ What does Google knows - Before the word religion came into being people practiced and held tenets and philosophies; today company's hold tenets and philosophies more precise thatn did Roman Emporers like Marcus Aurelius.

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  Portals; business, and personal where Internet and Web 'zones' provide bodies of knowledge and information for economic and intellectual growth. Is this what it is all about?
Portals - Category Content - Definately a  bookmarkale Wikipedia resource for everyone's browser. Whether expert or novice this may be akin to the library card file in regards to 'portal' topicsreliable.

Jahia Solutions Group SA - A truly Open Source CMS Portal Development product serving business and individuals. If you are ready to start development on your own 'portal' or simply interested in getting a sense of what it is all about, come  see what is in this 'space'.

Juniper Networks - Captive Portals - Ever wonder how a browser request redirects you to a login page? If you want to know, or need this for your project build out, then here you go with 'bleeding edge' products and services to enhance your offerings.

The Google 'Water Based Data Center' patent - The 'Cloud' is becoming water based; floating along bringing the 'cool' factor to new levels. FYI - It was applied for on U.S. Patent Application #20080209234 and has been in the hopper since August 28, 2008. Get the full 'Description' and learn about  the new development of "systems that may be powered by the motion of water" according to the patent application.

Liferay Portal - An engaging channel development toolset to enhance any organizations' marketing objectives through an intuitive platform.

Covisint: Portal Services - An experienced provider of secure communication solutions that can form the collaborative relationship experience with 'you' and 'your' audience needed in today's demanding environment.

Oracle Portal Architecture - The detail behind the concept principles here may be more precise than the casual web-surfer needs, but these are the bones of one of the beasts in play when it comes to Interenet data collection.

Microsoft Dynamics AX and the Enterprise Portal framework - A great graphic view of one of the big portal architectures used on the Interent and of course its from a major player.

IBM's WebSphere Portal - A server and tool chedt of services and support originating at where else 'Big Blue' (IBM's seemingly archaic nick name.

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  Social Media and Social Networks quick queries on search engines bring results. Here are a few the team thinks need to be on your radar
WikiPedia's 'Social Networking' web listings - Though WikiPedia is not commercial enough for some WikiPedia certainly provides comprehensive listings that include the number of registered users as well as the target audience and other important quantification to parse out applicability.

eBizMBA - The eBusiness knowledge base of the top 'whatever' niche areas from social networks to Search Engines and Blogs and even Gadgets.

Forbes - On the 'Big Four' Social Media Companies - Old Media rates New Media by current standards. An interesting take on what works and some insight into 'why'.

Social Networks Journal - The Journal assesses the science and foundation of social media, including the components of what social networks are according to the current undestanding is from a interdiscilinary point of view.

Social Network Data Mining - A resource with everything 'data mining' from software to companies to courses and training.

UberFlip - A great organizer of social content and social networks. This portal site is used by major players from academicis to the business environment and into the  technology arenas.

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