An emergence and convergence of media.


 Software 'tis the stuff that runs it all, from hardware to accessories and other software.

Where did Software originate, anyway? 
Find out about the beginnings of Software History at the Computer History Museum link.

There are many starting points.  All are relevant, though some more compelling than others.  For instance...

"logic" Unabridged (v.1.1). random House, Inc. 10 Aug. 2010. (See for logic... and see how software's logic is used within BIND the open-source software toolset implementing the Domain Name System (DNS) protocols for the Internet since the early 1980's.

"software" Unabridged (v.1.1). random House, Inc. 15 July 2014.

1. Computers. the programs used to direct the operation of a computer, as well as documentation giving instructions on how to use them. Compare hardware (def 5).

2. Anything that is not hardware but is used with hardware, especially audiovisual materials, as film, tapes, records, etc.: a studio fully equipped but lacking software.

3.  Television Slang. prepackaged materials, as movies or reruns, used to fill out the major part of a station's program schedule.

Origin: 1955–60; soft + ware1

Software is used to communicate and instruct various applications on what to do and when in operating systems and networks worldwide globally.

The MediaHeads team has coined the term 'human handed,' as a "term of art" early in themillenium to describe and define the human generated search results using search engines and libraries without the use of automation  software, except to retrieve results from actual human entered manual input.

In contrast automated results utilize algorithms, which may be characterized as:

"a collection or collections of logical elements or characters
to cause an event or other events in, or on a computer
envirnment to result in a specific timeframe."

From WordReference it appears to be clear and concise. Drilling down into the other features it is effective and fast, like a Category Tree arrangement with Forum listings and commentary.

Q: Where was software first used?

A:, on March 15, 1985.

Q: How many ".com, .net and .org's" are there anyway? 

A: Click here for's curring running statistics.

The foundation and precursor to software may be found in the roots of elementary logic in Ancient Greece or even before

 MediaHeads "Must See" websites for researching the Software Industry

RarLab - An exceptional and powerful archive manager. This company offers a trial version in WinRAR in various languages and in MAC, Linux or Windows.

HP Software - To truly assess your system software to determine if it is meeting your business goals, a business needs to consider this Industry leader's software focused products and services.

ECi Solutions - For backend business solutions and industry specific software needs, this company serves bussinesses from construction to hardware, to manufacturing. Their focus is on supply chain and operational efficiencies.

  MediaHeads' basic software selections. Search engine queries bring in scads of results, but here are those that you may want on your radar.

Software-dot-com - It is always best to start at the beginning.

Tucows - A source ISP's use to host software, a wholesaler. They have over 40,000 titles and are the largest domain registrar of ICANN's. It's listed here because it is software related. If you host domains or have a sizeable network of users this may be a resource.

Sun Microsystems software  - A company that promotes development of open source technology and is a leader in its evolution.

SourceForge - The world's largest open source software development web site company. They offer free services and provide help for people to build cool stuff and share almost a 250,000 projects with the waiting global audience.

Symbian - A a software licensing company that develops and licenses Symbian OS™; an open operating system for mobile phones. Hmmm... open operating system?

Adobe - A popular software developer. Some say it beyond 'state of the art', some products. DreamWeavwer, PhotoShop and Adobe Reader only scratch the surface.
Microsoft - Home of the Windows Operating System and more than you probably know.

Oracle - Collaborate and create a new culture with databases, middleware, applications and industry specific builds.

JobProCentral - A versatil productivity focused software product that is adaptable to both Windows and Apple. Customized flexibility is key for multi-platform business systems.

Java - An indispensible interface with certain desktop compuiting needs. Make sure you have the current up to date version on your desktop, effectively and securely. Check all that can be done at Java in Action. If you're a developer or want to get more knowledge about tools developers use try SDN, the Sun Developer Network.
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  Business Software picks from MediaHeads consisting of sites businesses use, to be efficient and maximize bottom lines; software designed to utilize labor effectively, ultimately to enhance shareholder value. What everybody wants, correct?

Cognos - Definately reliable. Why? It is an IBM comany, which means a  committment to high performance and quality for a long time, and without cutting corners. IBM is a provider of business intelligence, or BI. They are a leader in performance management software.
CNET - Business software's latest ratings and downloads are listed and found at CNET. A popular site for individuals and businesses.

Intel - Business Exchange - The single point resource center for business computing needs. It is nice to know your source, especially in business.

Business Software Alliance - Their HQ is in Washington, DC, and is active in more than 80 countries. BSA has six global offices; London, Munich, Singapore, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, and Taipei. They pride themselves on what they deliver rather than on their member numbers.  A true 'voice' from the Software Industry.

SAP - Well developed and part of defining the cutting edge through collection of experts, methodologies, tools, and certified partners to facilitate the needs of business today, and tomorrow.

NetSuite - From Financials to CRM, to eCommerce, this web-based focused suite of products is a single data source. Their software applications can be a Global solution for your company's unique needs.

Intuit - The maker of QuickBooks is a great place to start for small business owners and professionals.

Pitney Bowes - For far beyond your mailing needs, into document imaging and other digital needs when quality counts, regardless of industry or profession.

+ Xerox - Imaging from its original innovator. They do all aspects of the document and imaging process.

Business of Software -  the conference, the dot org... in Boston. Interesting meeting of the minds that have made it work.

+ DRPU - Barcode reading and barcode label making software; purchase order and financial accounting software for business application use.

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  Blogs, Forums, and related communication platforms.

Consummer Reports on Electronics, Blog - Virtually the 'Old School' way of getting the latest view on products from the standard in reviews and  recommendations... the proven "Expert Independent Nonprofit" point of view for generations.

BV Commerce Forum - A shopping cart software site with a forum for developers needing assistance in dealing with the eCommerce side of their websites. Instant , do-it-yourself sites and Enterprise level products.

SEO Marketing - More of a blog oriented type of site. The focus here is for improving your measureable 'eyeballs' reading your site-stuff.

IBM Developer Works: Blogs - recommendation, comments and various other topics for those in need of true IBM focused answers.

Dovetail Software - Here is the landing page to an interesting CRM Forum and Blog site that has some interesting case studies and White Papers. Clearly worth checking out as a potential resource.

+ Finalsite - If you teach or are involved in education try this blog and forum site for solutions and case studies on improving function. This web-entity serves schools and the way they communicate through software and other services.

eConsultancy - A site with both a blog and forums for digital marketing and ecommerce professionals to air and share their expertise with each other.

Forum Nokia - For mobile web development info and current happenings this one has gotta be one to keep tabs on.

Search Engine Forums - The railroads of the digital age are growing and  have got to have a forum for those in the need to grow and work through the constantly changing architecture of Search Engines and what optimizes them.

FILE Guru - From business to games and useful utilities this site is simple to navigate and access for any needed info and feedback on chat software. Their categories of Chat Topics are impressive.

Blogster - Over half a million bloggers and counting. Its beginnings go back to 2004 and now has become somewhat of a contender.

Blogger - Is either a person who 'blogs' or is an entity that has become a sub-domain of Google as their blogging product, which began in 2003 under other ownership and management.

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