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 Social Media blogs, wikis, tweets and variations of website forums all are the stuff running the revolution in the 'new media'  realm and orbit...

When did Media become "
Social Media"?
First, any definition should likely begin with the fact the term is a noun (generally
used with a plural verb), and is a category within the field of Digital Technology.

Since its inception in the Digital Age social media is accepted as 'the' way
to maintain and create relationships through the medium of websites and other
online devices. Such devices and tools are used by individuals and large groups of people to share information in developing social and professional contacts.

One example of its application is in how businesses utilize social media to generate sales as well as to provide private Intranets for employees and Extranets for clients or vendors to connect with to conduct business operations.  Social Media's origin arose between 2000 and 2005 according to's description of  "social media."

Our first source search began with a visit to [unabridged] of Random House, Inc., which all at MediaHeads are comfortable with as a foundational source of reference.

Beyond this initial source many facets of Social Media entities are useful, depending on its specific purpose and use.  Keep in mind MediaHeads selects each based on its standing in a given category.  Each choice meets the MediaHeads standard, meaning it is selected for among other characteristics a high standard of relavancy; i.e. being a necessary versus only an adequate tool. 

An interesting read on the beginnings of Social Media, as an aside, is entitled
The Culture of Connectivity by
Josť van Dijck, a researcher who appears on point.

Social Media basics. First, a definition and then some Q & A.

MediaHeads defines Social Media as:

"A venue or collection of interactive data (information similar
to 1980's
bulletin board exchanges that lacked GUI) and updated
seemingly in real time for the purpose of sharing communications with individuals and groups through networked permissions."

Q: Where was social media first used? 

A: It is debatable on who you speak with. Our vote goes to CompuServe in their 1969 dial-up connection measured in 'baud'.

Q: What in the world is 'baud' and what did it have to do with the telegraph and the number five (5) anyway?

A: The original 'baud rate' was relative to speed when comparing to current measurements. The telegraph was originally just electronic pulses and the baud rate improved its efficiency and speed in the 1920's.


 MediaHeads "Must See" websites to get an intial view of the Social Media 'Universe'.

+ FourSquare - An exceptional and powerful website similar to FB that is based off a GPS system, AKA a “location-based” application wheere users post their loci and other desired data plus a venue and then meet up with buds and budettes.

+ Tumblr - A "microblog" that may be compared to ancient 'Roman Riding' with multile horses, only now in the 21st Centuruy using multile digital key strokes to follow and ride herd on select blogs that users choose. Awesome, that's all.

+ YELP! - Is for real and is no barking dog. Perhaps a unique blend of reality with plain straight up listings based on user's input to produce just what the user asked for...  but what about the listing user? [to be continued...]


MediaHeads' essential sites that dominate the social media space... AKA the "A List" of Web/ Net sociability

+ Twitter - Brief speak for the 21st Century's "newspeak" for those of you who know who George Orwell is and is to the point in 141 characters.

+ Facebook - The "big man on campus" to use an old colloquial miniture metaphor regarding someone with 'connections' in college, like FB's founder Mark Z. who went to Harvard. Nothing more needs to be said.

MySpace or Myspace? - Ask Justin Tmberlake, he should know. The
company promotes an entertainment
focused social connection and is a contender since 2003.

+ YouTube - Created in 2005 by former PayPalians and bought up in 2006 by Google - - Mmm... very interesting. Upload videos, download videos -- with all the limitations of the DMCA and other requirements of the Copyright laws.

LinkedIn - Truly more career focsued than other social media mainstream sites. A creative, fresh presentation for one's professional and business affiliations.

Friendster - Appears as a game oriented social media connection point community. Though one of the oldest social media sites, it is the classic niche marketed site highlighting blogs, and forums.

Habbo - An unusual social media site with an awesome set of rules to respect. Promoted as a "strange place with awesome people," it is a virtual world where members create their own characters. Its presence extends from the European Union, China to the Americas as well.

Ning - Is a social media site that provides resources to build a focused collaborative social network to engage and connect like minded people.

Ello - A recently launched social media site that is by invitation only and touts no advertising, at least aat present. See if you can request an invite.

Tuenti - Another by invitation private social media site that provides members with private instant messaging to friends.

Google+ - The "G" source's own social networking tool. Needless to say quite popular.

Reddit - Popular link sharing and social bookmarking website that is used extensively. - Where the most shared stories from Twitter reside. Another great social bookmarking site.

Popurls - A large news aggregator that pulls together the likes of CNN and Fast Company. This site consumed Mixx amongst others.

+ Delicious - Tracking site for users to assess links, articles and other content. Where tracking customers' usage and interests merge efficiently.

Technorati - Real time optimizing of digital advertising to maximize CPM's (cost per thousand impressions).

+ StumbleUpon - User provided parameters consisting of likes, dislikes and the results provide new and interesting web pages tailor made so to speak.

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  MediaHeads mixed-use, including new and unuasual social-media sources suggested to consider as tools.

+ Whatsapp - A cross platform real time messaging 'app' that currently is an early stage technology startup company, which was recently acquired by the one and only Facebook. Communication has a new face.

+ Mashable - An online source of news, and content from two U.S. metropoli, New York and San Francisco since 2005. News' own digital newsie for the 21st century.

Pheed - Promotes thinking, creating, producing and sharing in the zone of "fast and easy" for voice-notes, music, videos, photos and text.

Flickr - A Yahoo company that focuses on sharing photographs in a digital community setting.

Pinterest - Digital home for users pictures, photographs, ideas and projects that are hand picked.

Path - Asserts quality goods offered with ad free social media and smart private messaging.

Snapchat - Purported to be extremely private and able to erase communications on the fly or at least reasonaably.

Instagram - Visual storytelling in the digital realm for somebody's to anybody's makes no matter. The only requirement (not really but it helps) is to have creative passion.

Thumbit - Immediate shopping opinions on the fly to provide instant feedback in the "now" zone.

Medium - Social media focused around writing, publishing in individual targeted deliverables to maximize creative expression.

Kik - Chat Social media focused around "promoted chats." Kik found that 40% of America's youth use their service product, which needless to day is impressive.

SEOBook - A great resource for the novice and for the seasoned professional.

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  MediaHeads noteable social media finds in the Apps and Software category.

Hootsuite - Here the offerings include one stop Analytics, Security, Apps and Collaboration. Users include small and medium businesses to agencies and even enterprise grade entities.

Spredfast - Marketing solutions and services that range from social media management to analytics to content curation to broadcast and event intergration on the 'short list.' Give a 'look-see' into the 'why and how' they  provide to leading brands, agencies and media players.

Twitterfeed - When automating your blog feed to reach specific targeted social networks then here is a possibility that may be able to do the deed.

IFTTT - Service that allows its users to harness the elements of logic and build tools to create connections with one singl statement.

TweetDeck - This is a Twitter service product that manages 'tweets' in real time and can be resident on your desktop hard drive as a seperate application.  Keep track and watch updates stream real-time when you connect with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google Buzz, etc. 

Klout - Here is a 'tool' to get good at 'social media' when making an original impact is important and to enlarge market reactions. Rewards called 'perks' are earned by users when their content influences certain topics.

Zendesk - Software focused on customer service and building relationships to propel growth.

Salesforce - CRM [customer relationship management] suite software to engage and connect any sized business to its customers in a truly integrated medium comprosed of data tools, apps and connections that utilizes the human touch with the complexities of technologies.

Yammer - A Microsoft Enterprise Social Network product focused on employees. Its design and goal is for "a private social network that helps employees collaborate across departments, locations and business apps."

Sharepoint - Another Microsoft developed product that functions as an Intranet. Very intuitive and functionally easy to navigate with permissioned content, libraries and notifications.

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  Gadgets and widgets which MediaHeads finds relevant in today's social media environment

Socialoomph - Offerings are free, but has premium services at reasonable rates. For example one can schedule tweets, track keywords, promote profiles, shorten URLs, and even purge or direct messages to an inbox. An unlimited number of profile accounts may be created completely free of charge.

WidgetsCode - Cool utility widgets, also known as gadgets, for your website or blog.  From calendars and clocks to finacial and news related to ones for games of course.

Coolwidgetsgadgets - These offerings are more optical than anything else we can see.

100widgets - From clocks and calendars to chat and financials as well as forex and translators.

Google's own gadget directory - Financials, technology, news, sports,  communication and of course there's more because its Google after all.

StockTwits - Pulls together the pulse of the investing market scene. Very engaging and quite revealing. The crowd is either wrong or they are on target, but it depends always on the way the mix plays out.

WordPress - Reliable Blog site software. Allows for host and user integration of social media profiles. on sidebars. But there's more...

+ TopProducer - Makes Social Media Widget creations for website or blog needs as needed. Contains instructions and capabilities for analytics. - Link shortening tool widget/gadget. Their motto is "Shorten. Share. Socialize." Plus agregation tools for publishers to monetize with.

SiteOrigin - Mostly for WordPress applications but interesting nonetheless. It allows additions within the 'header' and more.

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  Business start-ups, entrepreneurs, joint ventures and useful offerings MediaHeads currently finds interesting. What's next?

List of Internet Entrepreneurs - A greating starting point is a list of those who have forged this path with success. Here is the Wikipedia list of such people with the companies. Another list Wikipedia compiled includes entrepreneurs from the 21st century through the 18th century and the industry or product that was launched as a result.

Funded - Angel investors and startup funding is the primary needs once a business model is created. Many sources may need to be vetted for fit and chemistry, but starting the process is only the beginning.

Clickbank - One of the original joint venturing companies that has partnered with Internet entrepreneurs almost from day one. Interesting and diverse offerings for building product lines on a shoestring. Traffic to a website is another job to be mastered.

Joint Ventures Meetup Groups - Are a current phenomena connecting focused groups with specific interests that allows people to connect and brainstorm. They have groups all over the world.

Income - For those looking for a basic game plan to get the ball rolling towards an online business goal. Tutorials on start-ups can be a good fplace to start for the necessary foundation.

Google Ventures - Interesting as to what the G-Team sees as interesting and potentially profitable. Take a look at the Google site listing their venture projects for 2014.

Social Bookmarking Websites - From #1 'Slashdot' to #758 'Uriscores' and the gambit has been placed and the opening attained.

CIO [serving CIO's and other IT leadders and visionaries] - The top ten social media sart-ups from the CIO 'team' is quite interesting in terms of their vetting crierion that includes the following factors: "pedigree of the management team, VC funding, viability of the niche and the uniqueness of the product."

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  MediaHeads SEO's, SMO's and related tools and anylytics.

GitHub - Purports to be the largest code host reository in the world. Private and open capabilities to serve public and secure projects.

HubSpot - An 'inbound' sales and marketing resource launched in 2006 to serve a rapidly changing and transforming marketplace with over 11,500 companies around the globe.

Moz  - Inbound marketing company in the SEO web space with a good beginner 'how to' guide'.

SMO Defined as "the process of increasing the awareness of a product, brand or event by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity."  See for yourself.

Shapeable - A compelling website that offers a course demonstrating where a blog post, and its indexing on search engines like Google, can outlast other exposures in the social media spaces. Seeing is believing, right?

+ vFinance - For entrepreneurs in the social media space who are looking for capital resources, or when the time comes. Good database for other entrepreneurial categoruy spaces also.

SBA - all about ventura capital - The US Government's Small Buusiness Administration has relevant documentation on the venture capital category space for players at every level.

Social Media Strategies Summet - A melting pot of approaches to current and cutting edge strategies including what currently comprises the competitive content space of social media in its optimization and marketing. Numerous regional location in Vegas, Chicago and New York.

+ IBM Social Media Analytics - Of course the 'Grand Master' of computing has a steak in the social media arena. IBM does not disappoint in its compelling caption to "unlock the value of customer sentiment" in its statement of purpose, which is right amack dab in your face when entering this webpage. More than meets the eye eh Watson?.

Google Analytics [partners / categories] - Great guide to the available resources covering the broad area of social media analytics. Navigate and look into for further specificity as to mobile or site audit. Much more here than meets the eye.

Kaushik - A view by an author of two bestselling books on analytics. The approach is strictly visual.  A detailed view of multi-channel attribution moddeling for users and creators of the next generation of social media and beyond.

Likeable - Link building is addressed at this 'link.' The issue of change as it relates to Google and its changing and contorting metrix for links is addressed as well it should be by everyone touching the web in all its manefestations.

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