An emergence and convergence of media.


 Old Media includes radio and television advertising that sprung up from newspaper and magazine origins. Today's current media components and forms, i.e. editorials, blogs started in weekly or daily columns and have found new life in their cross-over categories in new medias.

But first where did 'OLD MEDIA' go anyway?

Originally it was just handbills, then newspapers, magazines and radio. Media, per se as a term was generally used only by those working in these areas, but not necessarily. Next came Shortwave Radio, CB's (Citizens Band) and BBS' which were all the rage and clearly qualified as 'new media.' in the late seventies and into the 1980's.

The first primitive wired precursor to the
Internet though we know of is the telegraph; tele [Greek for 'far'] and graph [Greek for 'writing'], or 'far writing,' and used extensively during the Civil War of the United States.

There are other facets to old media such as the CB and Short Wave radios as well as the 8 Track audiotapes and before even 4 Track LP records (acetate then vinyl) of varying speeds at 45, 33 1/3 and 78 RPM's.

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A succinct snipet from Wikipedia defines 'shortwave radio' as "medium frequency at the upper range of the transmission spectrum."

Question: When was "Shortwave Radio" first used or identified?

Answer: It is officially reported that  in 1927 transmissions from the Netherlands began traveling almost halfway around the world (University of North Carolina at Pembroke), and perhaps as early as December of 1921.

The current number of public media stations can be found at the 
Corporation for Public Broadcasting's website that shows the current running statistics.

Then check out "The State of the Media" to see the latest digital incursions into all media; old, new and the social subset of new media.

 MediaHeads "best and must see" website samplings of 'the Old Media' genre

+ - Whether its listening or to get info on something, this site is a launching point for the category of the short wave of the radio band.

+ The Eton Webstore - Great high tech 'old media' shortwave contraptions, as well as solar powered devices for iPad and iPhone use. Comes in handy in remote areas (Red Cross and Grundig product lines, etc.) - One of the 'old guards' successful transitions into 'new media' that looks at topics on both old and new delivery models.

  Shortwave Radio station information sources, some may need to be on your radar and in your sights

TDP Shortwave Radio Stations -  Here is a site organized in Belgium that we feel is quite comprehensive. It's a tuner of sorts with the breadth of their listings. The reliability of this source is solely the opinion of MediaHeads, yet we think you'll agree with us on the information it provides.

Shortwave radio organizations - Clubs and associations the world over; listed alphabetically.  Loaded with an incredible array of interests and locations.
+ Shortwave radio distributors - This website is a great hand picked selection of resources for all aspects of the shortwave radio arena.

Shortwave radio resources DMOZ, the end all for resources on the web; these are the ones that shortwave experts choose.
Radio Explorer - A great piece of software to zero in on the air schedules of various on-air international stations as they are on.

k5kj - A catchy name that is in the spirit of straight up simplicity for  Short Wave Listening sites.

HamSphere - The claim to the 'virtual' experience is well presented and delivered - only a PC is needed.

The Conet Project - The source for one way numbered communications worldwide. These obscure broadcasts are referred to as the "phenomenon of Numbers Stations".  Some are transmitted in various pitches... and were the mainstay of the Cold War.

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  Marconi, Tesla, Edison or Morse? First was Claude Chappe. The minds and genesis of high technology, then and now.

Guglielmo Marconi- responsible for the famous patent No. 7777 covering until then had been a mysterious yet "tuned or syntonic telegraphy," which included the term "wireless" and applied to transmissions as well as to antennas and other aspects of early wireless technology.

Nicola Tesla - A genius that perhaps until recently had been shrouded in obscurity. Tesla baffled his more prominent inductrial and commercial rivals, but in the end it is Tesla that changed the transmission of energy and communications.

Thomas Alva Edison - An inventor and consumate businessman, Edison's greatest business creation clearly is General Electric, but most people may think of Edison only as the inventor of the lightbulb. In reality a contemporary of high technology innovators.

Samuel F. B. Morse - Seriously, the individual responsible for the symbolic language to power the telegraph into the Industrial Revolution and the eventual birth of Mass Communications over extended distances. It all started in his adaptation of electromagnetism into the invention of the telegraph for which so much has evolved and come from and out of the sound of the "dah-di-dah-dit" [ - -  - ] for the letter "C" from the telegraph.

Alexander Graham Bell - A prodigy of sorts, Bell is known for his intellectual curiosity as well as an insatiable interest into all related areas of communication. He even dabbled with the science of flight.

Claude Chappe - Who? Chappe is the gifted Frenchman who actually developed the telegraph before Morse and other patent competitors. He is less known because it was 'air' generated rather than 'electronic' as with the stronger more durable telegraph medium.

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  Terrestial, Satellite and Celestial Radio with a little TV cross-over reality thrown in. Sites that focus on offerings and differences within the expanding radio range, terrestial and celestial. What  everybody wants, right?
Terrestial Radio - Is one of the leading marketplaces on the web for buying and selling domain names and websites. Very intuitive and easy to use.

+ Satellite Radio - From buying and selling, to parking and assisted offers, this is definitely a worthwhile set of services to check out when developing your domain business online.

+ Celestial Radio - This is not what some think or how some use the term. It has a firm place in science and astronomy as well as in spirituality, but rarely searchable as a reference to what is truly Satellite Radio.

+ Broadband TV News - Discussions abound as to whether terrestrial broadband has truly reached its peak or not. This entity appears to stay current and focused on what the facts and challenges are going forward.

 + TDF Group- Is an entity that provides solutions for Terrestrial Broadcast, Telecommunications, New Media as well as Network and Satellite Services  to a diverse market and customer base essentially in the EU and Mediterranean. MediaHeads likes this entity for no particular reason other than on a new millennium basis it is regional though globally aware and focused.

 + Satellite Radio USA - Is a comparison site between Sirius and XM Radio with the corresponding channel listings by category. Very intuitive and easy to use.

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  Television (TV) and AudioVisual (AV) Monitors sites of interest that produce value. For business it means maximizing bottom lines and utilizing labor effectively to enhance shareholder value. For users, AKA the consumer, it means getting what each user wants, correct?
+ Television - Is essentially a visual radio that includes images with the audio component, but everyone knows that of course.

TV History - From the earliest Octagon made by GE in 1928 to the present time. This is an acceptable site that shows the design changes and appearance in one location.

Cathode Tube Displays (CRT) - This is the way TV was fabricated in using one of these. They were common before "flat screen's" arrival. However, use went beyond just TV's.

UCLA Film & Television Archive - A valuable resource and reserve  of the best of the best content produced.

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation - Is involved in everything technically and creatively with television, and quite comprehensively.

IBIS World Market Research Report on Television Production - The foremost research entity on all facets of every industry; an impressive job with everything about the who of what covering content on television.

TV Guide? - Yes and why not? If if was not for this weekly publication it is possible television may have been different. How? It's only a possibility, but check it out. One of the original scorecards or play books on  the week's upcoming content programming before all the other copycat products and services.

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  Cable, DSL and Satellite sites... the new media entities that appear old to some media users
Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC) - Cable Television's history is well outlined and referenced on this online digital museum. Their start was originally to serve North American rural markets. - Shows and explains the history of DSL as it affected Internet access, television and radio in game changing ways. The site provides examples of that point in time when the digital flood gates truly were unleashed.

WhiteFence - This is a great site for the history of Satellite TV and communications as well as there touted Deal-Finder service to help consumers get the best package pricing from the myriad of providers now available.

Comcast - A major player providing TV, Internet and Voice communications for individual and business users.

+ Direct TV - Is a focused satellite provider of phone, TV and Internet. Who has not heard of Direct TV?

Time Warner - One of the major players controlling Internet, Phone, TV and other media products for residential and business consumers.

Charter Communications - Another major player in the Internet, Phone, TV markets vying for the residential and business revenues.

AT&T's U-Verse - One of the major players controlling phone, TV and other media products for both residential and business consumers.

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