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 Hardware; CPU's, Motherboards, cables, peripherals, servers, hard drives, keyboards, modems, scanners, security, accessory components, services plus more into the millennium and beyond

In the 50's it was mainframe computers and UniVac. Even before that, the ENIAC was around in the 40's. Who remembers the abacus now? Click on the word here and find out an authoritive academic definition. We are far beyond this interesting and useful device from out of antiquity.

Hardware can include stand alone equipment, from components to accessories. It includes games, traditional gaming relates to structured activities. The hardware realm may seem to be a complex subculture, within the digital revolution, yet this is almost where computers as we know them today started. Though much of what technology needed to be hardware based, now the advent of wireless devices have turned much of what was hardware to software in the always current and formidable global environment.

Desktop or Laptop, Wireless or traditionally cabled or wired furthering the advance into the millennium, is now the advent of Mobile and Cell in the frequency and vibration. Your choice, in terrestrial or celestial; you choose... 

...and keep in mind, a MediaHead 'human handedly' selected these various entries after determining a site could truly be an enhancement here on the portal pages. If you have any additions you think should be included, let us know. 

  MediaHeads "Must See" entities for Hardware and Hardware Accessories of interest for all types of computing needs

WikiPedia's definition, as a starter... - What's included, what's not. See the in's n' out's of computer hardware.

Apple - The premier computer innovator since the beginner of the personal computer revolution.

HP - The Hewlett-Packard Company's own site for products and services; from laptops to every imaginable accessory and part you may need for your computing need.

Sun Microsystems - The alternative to the seemingly other computers and operating systems. Their offering is one of the basics for a strong foundation in an Open Source agenda through the OpenSolaris server and operating systems.


  Personal Computers and Laptops have Hard Drives, both removable and flash, with these other market offerings at present.

Overstock-dot-com - Here is a great place to start if you are looking for pricing deals on computer hardware. You can refine your search from this point. Here are the MediaHead 'human handed honing' finds.

+ MeetingTomorrow-dot-com- The anywhere, anyplace A/V rental source for meetings and events on personal computers and more. Rentals, Services and productions with same day service? Hmm, sounds good.

+ newegg-dot-com - A very well rated site according to the 'big automated portal' ratings. It is laid out well and is really easy to navigate around we found on our visit. This site really could be listed in each area in this area's sections.

Circuit City - Free shipping? Under a half hour to pick up in the store? Yes, they are working hard to win and get your business. HP, Acer, Sony, Compaq... Lenovo. With selection, price point and service, what else is there?

+ Toshiba Direct - Reliable quality, innovative and competitive in cost of product and service. We've heard this manufacturer referred to as a standard since IBM sold out and got renamed.

+ ASUS - These can be set up with Windows or Linux. Small enough in some models to fit in an 'old school' briefcase and still have room for other things, like 'old school' files.

Dell Desktops - Offerings include a choice of operating systems, configurations and other bells and whistles of your choosing.

RefurbDepot - More than a few choices of product lines. Laptops. desktops, TV's, Monitors, PDA's, cameras, GPS devices and more. Some as much as 80%off retail new and refurbished.

Maxtor - External, network and portabile drives, for every personal or commercial need.

Western Digital - PC or Mac, portable or desktop, network or single user, it's all your choice for meeting your own needs.

Krillion - We can't say it any better than they do, so... "Krillion works with leading search engines, manufacturers, publishers and retailers to offer ready-to-buy shoppers access to Krillion's data wherever they research products online."

Cyberguys - A comprehensive source for hard to find computer accessories, parts and other gadgets.

ABT, Inc. - All of your portable devices including MP3 players, digital cameras and cell phones require memory cards to store pictures, video and music files can be handled here. A very extensive product line and product mix in the hardware and accessory segment of personal computers.

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  Servers, Scanners and Peripherals are incidentals that may become imperative at one time or another.

HP Scanners, Copiers & Fax Machines - This listing we felt a must. After all, HP has been around and so innovative for so long.

Dell Point of Sale Software, Barcode Scanners and Cash Registers - For Advanced and Basic POS needs. For all the 21st Century Cash Register and Point of Sale devices and peripherals.

Xerxes Computer Corporation - Here is a company that deals in midrange computer needs. Yes, from RS6000 to AS400 and even those Sun 'boxes'; they claim to have a phenomenal reputation through reliably providing high quality new and refurbished equipment. Xerxes' has provided customer support since 1981.

BT Tradespace - Is an online community. They bring businesses and customers into a forum-like community to do business. Ultimately the objective is to build lasting, relevant relationships for both parties. One can think of it as a people powered community, through a social business network model. Anyone can join the BT Tradespace.

+ Cisco Documentation - Cisco's public access documentation for every question possible regarding servers, switches, routers, security, integrated operating systems, server fabric switches and more to your hearts delight. Convenient drop down selections for easy to navigate use for finding out how to install and maintain any of their products. Great for IT teams.

NEC Servers - For over 100 years NEC has built and inspired technology with the sole purpose of connecting people. At the dawn of telephony and now to the universe of broadband Internet technology, NEC creates the tools to continue the definition of what it means to be an innovator of technology for practical everyday use, and beyond.

Dell Servers - The business server that meets the needs of strength, budget and performance. Select servers and bundles are ready and available.

Super Warehouse - This company has more server manufacturers and brands than is imaginable. We counted almost 30, not to mention each ones models and possible configuring. They have customers as remote as Maui who rave at their service and experience.

Xerox, scanners - Of course Xerox. Who else? After all, the colloquial expression is 'Xerox' for copies, and they grew into scanning to become the 'Document Company', remember?. Yep, they have DocuMate now, check it out.

BizRate - We felt we had to include this one as they have a pretty good Google PR rating. Fujitsu, HP, Bell & Howell, Microtek, Canon, Panasonic, Nikon, Epson and Kodac to name a few. Plus they have flatbed scanners, photo scanners, portable and ones that auto feed. If you can't find what your looking for here we'll be surprised.

SD Peripherals - A truly interesting company and very specialized. For example, DLT, ESDI,FC, IDE, MFM, RLL, SCSI, SMD, TAPE DRIVE as category selections. SD Peripherals sell computer hard drives, both reconditioned and new drives and at very competitive prices.

Input Output Architecture - We had to include this 'techie' academic yet easily understood description of what exactly a peripheral element is.  Thank you to the Computer Science department at the University of Newfoundland in Canada.

Alibaba - This is really a great resource. The pages can be translated into numerous languages from the upper right corner of each page. The product search capability and results will exceed your expectations, definitely. It did ours.

Pricerunner - A site that provides an extensive view of product pricing on various specific and related models on any peripheral you are interested in. Their free price comparison on peripherals, with numerous user and expert product reviews and listings for both online and offline sources.

Wikipedia - An Internet standard in getting great definitions, so we offer this up here in case anyone wonders what exactly computer peripherals include.
The reliability of this source is solely the opinion of MediaHeads, yet we think you'll agree with us on most of the information provided.

China Wholesale 24/7 - We found what is purported to be the best wholesale company for purchasing computer accessories and other products directly from China. The products they offer and have available come with quality guarantees. They claim to have exclusive contracts with many of the Chinese manufacturers, which supply their warehouses.All orders can be accepted either online and offline by phone, fax or email.

Computer Shopper - This is the flagship publication for SX2 Media Labs including a great selection of the available pricing on specific product choices. If it matters, their 'Google PR' rating was a '6' last time we checked.

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. - This company is a twenty-six year old manufacturer of computer tape and magnetic media. They offer a wide spectrum of new, recycled and re certified computer media products, including accessories  and even services.

Computers-Coupon-Gateway - A truly impressive selection of available discount coupons of peripheral offerings from the various manufacturers. Of course you can check many other categories also. The layout of the site is acceptable, though we would like to see a different presentation. Bottom line is that is really awesome in terms of what they have pulled together here.

Geeks - This site is a leading direct-to-consumer eCommerce site specializing in providing computer-related excess inventory. The offerings are manufacturer closeouts in high-demand. They cater to the tech-savvy, "Geeky" consumers. If you aren't one now, you may become one...  as they say on their site, "you know who you are!"

Insecure - Nmap network scanning and then some. Even if you aren't currently shopping  for network security, you really should become familiar with what is going on here with this company. They explain to the novice and the expert.  Here is a direct quote from their site that should clarify what they do, "Nmap ("Network Mapper") is a free and open source (license) utility for network exploration or security auditing. Many systems and network administrators also find it useful for tasks such as network inventory, managing service upgrade schedules, and monitoring host or service uptime". We couldn't say any better and be able to keep it real.

+ Bocat - B2B - This Business to Business site, helps professionals find the best Computer Scanner prices and information. Their claim is to only pick the highest quality sites and then link them directly to the manufacturer, distributor or service provider.

Opex Corporation - We chose this listing really for the business users here at MediaHeads, yet we think you'll agree with us, that this entity needs to be here, as they are a global technology leader in high-speed mail room automation and document imaging. They've been around quite awhile, since 1973. They've "... provided performance enhancing work flow solutions and cost-effective results to thousands of organizations around the world." with "... innovative work flow solutions..." serving a wide arena in the Financial Services, Insurance, Health care, Government, Non-Profit, Utilities, Telecommunications, Service Bureau, and Institutional marketplaces.

ManageEngine - Real server software provided from AdventNet to manage your server without having a need for super Ninjas to make it happen and keep it going.

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  Hardware News Online --- when the need for hardware specialized news, then try these online and offline resources.

Wired - A great place to start. If anyone knows, Wired usually does. Many times they break stories on upcoming products and technologies affecting the technology realm and the world as we know it  now.This source is one of our top choices and is the opinion of MediaHeads, yet we think you'll agree with us on most of their information provided.

Internet Public Library - Put together and supported by some the original s of the Internet itself, such as the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. The lay out and navigation are great. When it comes to hardware and many other topics and categories, this appears a truly great resource.

Hardware Central - To quote them directly, "Your source for in-depth computer hardware info". Who are these people who make such a claim? Well of course, the Jupitermedia Corporation.

PCWorld - Great news compilation for your hardware inquiries with complete reviews, specific blogs, videos and downloads.

ClearApps - Automated product for network audits of hardware and software. Also keeps network inventory updated. Really is for the pro it appears.

Byte sized Reviews - Reviews from hardware to accessories, peripherals, software and games. So this is really a utility for focused information on hardware as it relates to the information revolution in and coming to your life.

PCStats - A site which was incorporated in the fall of 1999 and is now a leading online technology publication. They provide excellent in-depth news and reviews of a broad range of computer hardware.

8dimensional - Hardware news and reviews broken down into the categories. Motherboards, video cards, peripherals and accessories, plus essentially everything related to computer hardware.

Real World Technologies - A news and forum site truly for professionals and those who aspire to be.  Special reports are a main category on this resource.

ExtremeTech - One of Ziff Media's technology sites that's been around since 2001.  Articles, reviews and forums with a targeted focus. They have a sections on the navigation pane called Lab Notes where we found compelling news and reviews.

NordicHardware - A Swedish news and review site with one really huge difference MediaHeads sees in the fact that they do there own testing and reviews, it appears. This Swedish site us done exceptionally well and is quite refreshing from what is generally seen in North America.

AnandTech - Analysis, news and much more. The site really is comprehensive and easy to navigate and access.  Complete with blogs and galleries and including what they say in their own words, "Since 1997 AnandTech has led the field in concise, timely, hard-hitting news and information from the PC/IT technology industry."

The Wall Street Journal Online Computer Hardware page - Expert, and totally in it for the business and nothing but the business. Reviews, analysis and articles of the movers and shakers according to the way Mr Murdoch runs it now.  We didn't notice this before, perhaps something new is transforming the coverage and content.

Computer World - Is it possible that for "... 40 years, Computerworld has been the leading source of technology news and information for IT influencers worldwide." Wow, now this is something to take note of.

Computer Hardware Online - Up-to-date coverage for the latest developments in hardware, from printers to motherboards, even storage devices.

Wall Street Journal Computer Hardware News - Business,stocks, earnings, new products and developments from the word on the 'Street'. Original, reliable and timely.

eSchool News - Of course a news source for the electronically enabled school interests. It covers education technology for everything from legislation and litigation, to case studies, purchasing practices and new products.

Computer World UK - could they have an edge on the news? Hmm... at least get the perspective of the British spin on Hardware relevance and importance.

ZDNet Technology News - A CBS Interactive business property with more than 21 million connected business and technology movers and shakers every month.

MacWorld - Everything Mac from iPod to iPhone to 'iNew-whatever!' in the official technology standard, the one and only MacWorld.

+ WindowsIT Pro - A community with the heartbeat of Windows IT and that whole world, with a meeting point of people, content and resources all focused on the Microsoft Windows T&A, technologies and applications.

Virtual Hideout - PC Hardware News and Reviews, check it out. They've been around awhile since 1999.

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  Monitors, Modems, Mice and Keyboards are all required accessories on desktops and laptops.

Verizon Protection Pak - 25 out of 100 top tips from a booklet on this site. Some of them seem quite shrewd and perhaps if followed could yield some great results.

3B Tech A pretty interesting site and well laid out with a great shipping offer on all types of components, monitors, keyboards and mice.

PCs for Everyone - Mostly monitors at this landing point, though if you look on the left hand navigation column mice and keyboards as well as other techie stuff is listed.

ProteMac - A way to surveil your keyboard and see what others are doing on your computer. Interesting.

CMS Computers - A leading distributer of computer hardware and components in the UK since 1993.

Tiger Direct - Considered the biggest eTailer by an Internet rating publication.  A lot more than keyboards, mice and monitors. Components and complete units.

Earthlink Security Center - Security, prevention and other useful information and on your way to those other things, accessories.  Find out the latest ways to prevent fraud and check out what the latest threats are and how to protect your self and your set up.

BuyMac Australia - For the Australian market this is the place for Mac's. PalaeoGraphics has specialized in graphics products for the Macintosh market since 1993 and is region focused.

HotFrog - Another regional focused free online business directory. Appears to be a fairly complete listing of Singapore businesses. The page we have linked is for Modems. Once there all their offerings are accessible.

+ iPmart Network - Here is another regional, this time from Malaysia. It is laid out well and should be straight up to use. You'll arrive at routers and modems.

Recycle UK - We weren't sure where to put this yet, so we put it since keyboards, mice and modems seem to change and be replaced frequently. For sure it is an attempt to be 'green'.

OutletPC - This entity able to offer you the lowest prices on computer parts and systems...

Monitors - Flat Panel versus CRT or LCD versus Plasma. This is the site to find out, without an agenda, it appears.

Directron - OMG! There are more USB mice and keyboards here at this site than we've seen on any other website. It was like falling down a well or something it goes on and on and on.
StarTech - For the hard to find parts and accessories I/O, cables, Fire wire and data storage is all a click away.

APC - Providing comprehensive protection against some leading causes of downtime, data loss and hardware damage, regardless to type or style of your computer or network.

Atacom - From keyboards, mice and monitors to high speed graphics cards and the latest Assus computers, here's the company.

Atipa Technologies - A complete Linux open source operating system provider from the OS itself to the necessary hardware, software and service and is a rated supercomputer worldwide with 24 hour remote monitoring.

Computer Direct, Inc.- A domestic company here in the U.S., that provides Monitors, Computers, Hardware, POS and  Surveillance products at attractive price points.

CPU Options - A large provider for large institutional entities like hospitals, schools and manufacturing that meets the needs of the coming convergence in Voice, Video, and Data integration across single or multiple networks.

eBuyer (UK) Ltd - Regardless of the side of the 'pond' you're on, whether in Howden in New Yorkshire or in New York, the over 300 employees, at last count, and the over 100,000 quality products, customer needs are the first concern.

Plycon - Some of the coolest stuff we've found. The keyboards here are really quite extreme, strictly for those who run a lot of power. Card readers and sleeves, to cathode kits and various cabling configs  and needs.

Quiet PC - Everyhting to keep your computer really quiet. Amazingly in many different countries and markets.

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