An emergence and convergence of media.


 Communications starting with PDA's, cell phones, VoIP's,  video phones and a myriad of data collaboration devices.

MediaHeads finds something for everyone who communicates in our changing world of being connected to one another... From cell phones to Voice Over Internet Protocol VoIP. We have selected from 'head to hand' in providing what we think and feel are sites that are the least cluttered.

We constantly search and verify for outdated sites and select only the sites found the old fashioned way. This means you will not endure 'algorithm clutter'. Welcome back to discerning thought with no duplicate text content, except for our way of name branding... writing with our own brand of concept clustered words.


 MediaHeads "Must See" Listings for your Communications

+ T-Mobile - This service prides themselves on their family cellphone service plans and has some of the most competitive prices. Quietly they have becaome a true cell contender.

+ - This site has a wide variety of video phones, allowing consumer to shop and compare prices.

+ Skype Embraces Video Phones - CNET article about how Skype plans to market to more users by adding video phones to their repertoire of services.

+ iPhone - The innovative combination phone-everything product... and more. It's having a face lift soon, so the buzz has it... Stay informed and check it out.


 Cellphones --- What does Wikipedia say about Cellphones?

+ CNET Reviews - Find out about the latest Cellphones and technology, compare prices and brands, and read reviews of today's most popular phones.

+ AT&T Wireless™ - One of the largest cellphone service providers in the world. Cingular has one of the largest network systems and plans to meet just about everyone needs.

+ Verizon Wireless - Another leader in the cellphone service provider industry. Verizon prides themselves on unlimited service access.

+ Motorola - One of the largest manufacturers of Cellphones and cellphone accessories. Upgrade your phone to become a full multimedia center anywhere. From conference calls to gaming, Motorola brings all of the conveniences of home with you everywhere you go and they have a cool website.

+ Nokia - If you aren't carrying a Motorola cellphone in your pocket, chances are you are carrying a Nokia. Nokia works closely with Cingular Wireless and provides all of the standard cellphone accessories.

+ Sprint PCS - Less popular and a little pricier than some of the other cellphone services, Sprint still holds their own.

+ Yahoo! Shopping - Great listing of different Cellphones available for purchase. Allows the consumer to compare prices.

+ Samsung - Another manufacturer of Cellphones and accessories. They can work with almost any cellphone service provider.

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 VoIP --- What does Wikipedia say about VoIP?

+ FCC - Check out what the FCC has to say about VoIP technology, and what they are thinking about doing with or to this exiting technology.

+ Skype - One of the leaders in VoIP technology. You can turn your computer into a complete personal communication system and you can go to them and download Skype software for free.

+ Vonage - Great service. Attach your broadband network to any phone through a router and you can have unlimited phone access throughout the United States and Canada for one low price.

+ Yahoo Voice - AT&T and Yahoo! have teamed up to bring their version of phone technology into your home. You can use a regular phone or PC-to-PC calling... flexibility, definitely.

+ Google Talk - Well, here you have it. The one and only from the 'big dogs' on 'the street' their own VoIP almost. This is where we think it will be available first. We could be mistaken.

+ Nuvio - PBX for your VoIP already. Of course this makes sense when you think about it, This was so needed, at least for most of the companies that we deal with and have done business. A very well laid out site that is truly easy to navigate.

+ Callcentric - With this company callers can reach you whether you're near or far; walking with a mobile phone, at home or the office, using VoIP or a regular phone line. This number is not in the country where you live, it is in 38 countries? Hmmm... how do they do it?

+ VoIP companies - WikiPedia's listing of VoIP companies, can you ask for any more? Probably not.

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   Video, Web and Data Collaboration are important influences and entities affecting all arenas of modern life as we know it.

+ IBM Lotus Sametime - Web conferencing from the 'Grandfather' of computers... conferencing services that can make it easy for companies of any size to collaborate and go beyond the corporate Intranet, that is also accessible anytime, from anywhere. Sounds good to us 'Big Blue".

+ Infinite Conferencing - An onstream media company and provider of reliable phone and Web conferencing, webinar and webcasting services. Their list of offerings include being able to deliver feature-rich solutions that range from small, on-demand virtual meetings to complex, large-scale events. Worth a personal pan and scan.

+ Webex - An on-demand collaborative solutions 'biggie', with the claim to being Number 1 in customer, partner and employee productivity using on-demand web meetings with their services and products. You probably already know of them and if you do not, then see what to some is the standard for comparison in this niche.

+ Capterra - This is what they say, "Founded in 1999, Capterra is the online marketplace dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of enterprise software. Capterra identifies every enterprise software solution on the market and presents them to buyers in a way that facilitates fast, easy comparison." We say that's calibration.

+ AT&T Collaboration - In their own words, "Collaboration has become mission-critical... ". We could not agree more. In contemplating the pure scope and size of all the facets of the Internet, there can not be a 'lone wolf" approach to any part of the creation, integration or deployment processes.

+ aveComm - provides a complete framework for delivering total business solutions, like Whiteboard, a unique drawing utility that lets distributed users use a common drawing space. Teamwork, yes. Other application sharing enables a user to share his desktop or a specific application with other users in a conference. There are nearly a dozen unique featured parts to their offerings.

+ Global Media - has developed award-winning patented technologies and unique intellectual properties within the visual communication field. They appear to be one of the leading innovators of medical video imaging and visual communication solutions. In addition they serve other areas including business, education and government.

+ Employee SuggestionBox - Looks like this piece of software provides everyone in your organization from your department managers and your salespeople to your knowledge, service or warehouse staff an on-demand platform to capture, develop and incorporate good ideas companywide. Hmmm...

+ vidsoft - Touting an all-in-one solution that blends video, voice and real-time data collaboration into streamline operations that adds impact to interaction for you and your client base.

+ SAIC - To keep us all at ease, here we have a taste of what Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a leading systems, solutions and technical services company has to offer. From a broad range of expertise in defense modernization efforts to intelligence, homeland security, logistics and product support to health and life sciences, space and earth sciences and global commercial services. We want to cover it all, including the true realm of science.

IC3 - The FBI's own Internet Crime Complaint Center. We feel fair dealing is common sense. After all, if you're really being ripped off, chances are that others are too. Prosperity and commerce flourish on a fair and level playing field.

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 Video Phones --- What does Wikipedia say about Video Phones?

+ Packet8 Internet Phone Service - This is truly a revolutionary service with different options to meet your needs. Packet 8 provides business and residential video phone services and one can use a Packet8 DV326 VideoPhone or add softalk software to your PC to turn your computer into a videophone instantly.

+ Vialta - Full line of Beamer videophones for reasonable prices. Just add these phones to your current phone line and you will instantly be able to add video to your phone calls.

+ Aethra - This company has developed a complete line of Video Phone and conferencing technology. From compact cell phones with video capability to hi-tech super video conferencing systems, this company has it all.

+ Globalinx - Another VoIP provider with video phone capabilities. Many features that if you are seriously looking into a videophone, definitely worth a look at this one.

+ VideoPhone - A very interesting site. You can purchase video phone software from this site and can also create a member profile for social networking at the same time.

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 Communication Accessories --- How diverse are the accessories for communication? Let's see what turns up.

+ Bluetooth - What can Bluetooth do for you and your world? This is their 'Official Site'... find out about the Bluetooth technology and what it has achieved through global acceptance and that now any Bluetooth enabled device, almost everywhere in the world, can connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices in proximity, including you if you have a Bluetooth device.

+ WirelesSecurity & Safety Supply - No one can "...honestly know when or where an attack on your person or your family will occur..." in our society at present. So having access to top security and safety communication equipment seems a must to maintain peace of mind.

+ ABT Electronics - Got their start in 1936 when Jewel Abt gave $800 to her husband David to start a business. Originally it was called Abt Radio, since it only sold small electronics. Today Abt Electronics has become the place to shop for many people in the Midwest and now with the Internet... well who knows.

+ Radio Accessories Headquarters - Not many companies put their Mission Statement on their website that we have seen, at least not on the front page. Here is theirs, "Provide a great selection of professional communications equipment geared towards public safety, business and industry, with competitive prices, online ordering convenience and excellent Person to Person Service." Simple and to the point.

+ JPS Communications - is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Raytheon Company, who designs, manufactures and sells electronic hardware and software products that enhance the effectiveness of communications systems. They even assist in Grant preparation for the projects that need assistance.

+ Bamboo Solutions - This company can accelerate the deployment of your collaborative SharePoint solutions in a high end and practical line of products. If you or the company you work for uses SharePoint, then this may be very important to your overall results.

+ Lifesize - Great! And now there is HiDev VideoConferencing that can change the way people relate and interact with each other. Making voices, viewpoints and expressions all true-to-life, like being there for real, almost.

+ First Connections - A UK company that provides VideoConferencing and allows you to be manufacturer independent so you can get and achieve what you need and want. Managed services including support, scheduling, helpdesk, multi-site bridging and onsite engineers.

+ Mitel - A leading provider of communications solutions with an extensive portfolio of enterprise communications products way too numerous to list here. So... check this one out see their depth and breadth.

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