An emergence and convergence of media.


 Audio phonographs and turntables might seem archaic terms. audio are the current standard, but for how long? What's next? Digital protocols, or back to vinyl?

When did 'Audio' as a media space come into common use? The beginnings of Audio History and Recording Technology beginnings can begin here:

Audio has a relatively recent use and application. Audio as we now know it is best described by an agreed upon authority.  As such, audio is defined generally as a combined entity or configuration used in compound formations of words, having meanings;i.e. "sound within the range of human hearing" (audiomete); "hearing" (audiology); "sound reproduction" (audiophile)."; originating from the Latin stem "audi- (stem of audire, hear) + -o-", from the definition of "audio", as found at Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. 09 Feb. 2009. (

An Audio Timeline a comprehensive compilation of inventions and other important occurances.starting with Edison's recovery of a simple song the tinfoil off a cylinder he was working with in his lab.

Audio Categories in complete specificity from 'Acoustic Apparatus' to 'Turntables'; incomparably complete.

"Audio" is defined in Wikipedia as an electrical representation of sound. This appears to be an excellent working and functional definition.

Where and when was software first used ?, on March 15, 1985.

How many .com, .net and .org's are there anyway? Click here for the 
curent running statistics at

 MediaHeads "Must See" websites for exploring the sound and audio iindustry.
Audiotuts - is an interesting blog-site and resource for all facets of 'audiophiles' interests, including musicians and producers. The tutorials for recording, producing, mixing and mastering tracks are extremely comprehensive. There are weekly featured articles for the music afficianado. Audiotuts' offers $150 to anyone with exceptional skill in the audio arts and sciences if Audiotuts publishes a submitted work. Usually they commission written tutorials from industry experts and professionals, but they truly search out those with awesome skill.

AES - From speech recognition technology to loudspeaker specs and quality standards the AES (Audio Engineering Society) is the place to check in with.

Center for Digital Imaging Arts @ Boston University - BU is known for many things and for training many people in various disciplines. They offer expert master training in 3D Animation, Audio Production, Digital Filmmaking, Workshops, Graphics and Web Design, Photography and Web Development.


Resultsgood, better, best in Audio and Sound a pre-search provides interesting results. Here are a few to check out.

Best Buy - One of the retail 'brick and mortor' entities that holds a strong online presence. A great place to see mainstream offerings.

Sound Products, Inc. - For those who want to see how sound design has been implimented in our everyday environments, from work to... security... to phone and acccess control.

Fry's Electronics - A favorite 'wharehouse' entity that is price and product focused. Their audio offerings are way beyond comprehensive and  are available in store and can be shipped or delivered. 

Full Compass Systems, Ltd. - For more than 30 years this company has been a national leader in Professional Audio, Professional Video, A/V, Lighting and Musical Instrument sales. Their goal is to provide value and exceptional customer service. They offer a staggering array and selection of over 700 top equipment brands.

Location Sound Corporation - Serving the professional audio and sound professional with cutting edge brands and extentive category selections. Serving clients with film, video, broadcast, business and institutional recording applications for close to 40 years.

Sound Audio Systems - Providers of sound reinforcement systems for portable or fixed installations, serving the needs of vitually any venue size from small to large.

Yamaha - Audio/Visual - Portable speaker systems, equipment and more; they are known for their "Passion & Performance".

Crutchfield - Originally a mail-order company serving the 'do-it-yourself'  enthusiasts has now become enstalled into the Consumer  Electronics Hall of Fame, along side Thomas Edison.

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  Speakersreceivers, turntables, headphones and resources from some of the most notable and diverse sites...

Pioneer Electronics - takes you from your 'car' to 'home' to 'portable' products, and to even the 'DJ' and 'computer' product solutions. Pioneer is a known and proven leader in both audio and the burgeoning 'home theater' venues.

J & R - New York's finest audio store accessible by catalogue and mail order the world over too. A noted recipient of two awards; one from the only company to receive two separate "Retailer-of-the-Year" awards and, then received induction into the prestigeous Hall of Fame by the Consumer Electronics Association.

Crutchfield for 'turntables' - Great selection and service. Known for everything audio. Turntables make everything 'oldschool' go around to give you the sound you want with real resonance.

Crutchfield for 'speakers' - Whether you are looking for a Bose or an 
Infinity speaker experience this is the resource will fulfill budget, and specification requirements for your sound system.

Crutchfield for 'receivers' - From Marantz to Denon to Onkyo to Sony any selection will encompass diverse and challenging choices.

CNET - A great site for when you want to make sure you include everything you need to include in the planning of your home audio system.

Amazon - No search list for receivers, headphones and speakers would be complete without the offerings from the Amazon supersite.

Bose - The leader in everything audio and one of the highest quality manufacturuers in the world. Others offer their products, but this is the source.

Audioreview - Definately a reliable resource to check out regarding the  audio selections you are considering.

Needledoctor - A resource for those who are using turntable technnology for audio output and need to keep the needle current.

Bang and Olufsen - The leader in audio technology with the established 
status as THE quality leader.

+ Sounds Classic - A great resource for vintage stereo audio equipment  plus restoration and repair, which includes vintage tube equipment.

The Tube Store - Northern Electric, Western Electric, Mullard, Preamp, RF and Russian Tubes plus more.

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  Audio and Sound Services... for back up support and refinement resources... and from the ground swell in the media... at play or work...
Professional Sound Services (PSS) - Respected dealers of professional audio equipment providing sales, service and rental equipment to professional sound mixers. See what service offerings are available to the top of this media segment.

Numeric Sound - From buying and selling, to parking and assisted offers, this is definitely a worthwhile set of services to check out when developing your domain business online.

iOS Developer Library - The System Sound Services interface does not provide level, positioning, looping, or timing control, and does not support simultaneous playback. BUT, it is still a useful audio resource. It provides 'C' language interface for playing short sounds and for invoking vibration on iOS devices that support vibration. Really for professionals and audiophiles.

+ McCune - An event production firm in Northern California. They are a full service technical event production company.

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